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hey this is a new community and i*m one of the mods. This community is gunna be all abt stories, sex questions,anything. Well I kno megzi isn*t gunna do this but i will....

Name::Lindsay (I go by Lynn or Slut)
Location:: Yonkers, Ny
Fave sex position::Cowgirl and doggie style
Are you dominant or submissive in bed?:: I*m very submissive but after a while i*m takin the control in bed
Do you have a kinky side? If so tell:: i love to have sex rough and hard ya kno?....I love to add fo0d to sex and have it where ever, i*m sucha horny slut =) wha can i say? o0o and i love handcuffs,and wearing sexy lingerie from like fredricks of hollywood and role playin hehe

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